No Asylum: The Untold Chapter of Anne Frank's Story

Screening of "No Asylum" with Anne Frank's stepsister on 74th anniversary of liberation of Belsen

Senior Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence, Kinloss Synagogue; Eva Schloss, Anne Frank's stepsister; Simon Bentley, Chairman, Yad Vashem UK Foundation; John Wood, son of Belsen liberator, Leonard Berney. Photo by Hy Money

15 April 2019 - Finchley, London - To mark the 74th anniversary of the liberation of Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp by the British Army, a special screening of the documentary 'No Asylum - The Untold Chapter of Anne Frank's Story' was held at the Kinloss Synagogue in Finchley, north London on 15 April 2019.

Eva Schloss, Anne Frank's stepsister and Auschwitz survivor, who appears in the film, attended the evening event which was attended by around 100. Following the screening, Eva gave a short account of her life story and answered questions.

The late Belsen liberator, Leonard Berney, who was a 25-year old major in the British Army on the day Belsen was liberated on 15th April 1945, also appears in the film. Leonard's son, John Wood, was in attendance at the screening as was Simon Bentley, the Chairman of Yad Vashem UK Foundation, Holocaust survivors Freddy Knoller, Mala Tribich and Eve Kugler, and the renowned film producer Mark Forstater, author of 'I Survived a Secret Nazi Extermination Camp'. And proceedings were conducted by Kinloss Synagogue's Senior Rabbi, Jeremy Lawrence.

The evening event was co-hosted by the Kinloss Synagogue and Yad Vashem UK Foundation.

Rabbi Lawrence: "At a time of increased antisemitism and racism in the public arena, it is important to hear survivor testimony. Those who have witnessed the escalation of intolerance and abuse; those who have been rebuffed as they have cried out at persecution or as they have tried to flee, remind us of the dangers of standing by and hold us to account. 'No Asylum' is a powerful and relevant film for 2019."

About Kinloss Synagogue

Kinloss (Finchley United Synagogue) has a membership of 3,000 and is the jewel in the crown of the United Synagogue. It is a thriving community and hosts many social and educational events throughout the year.

About Yad Vashem UK Foundation

Yad Vashem UK Foundation believes in the importance of educating, imparting and bequeathing to future generations the legacy of the Holocaust to ensure that the tragedy is never forgotten, to honour the memory of those who perished and to impart the legacy of the Holocaust to shape a more humane future. Yad Vashem UK Foundation bears the responsibility of passing the torch of remembrance from the Survivors to the coming generations. There are growing waves of hatred and anti Semitism throughout Europe which must be repelled and the world must never be allowed to forget the lessons of the Holocaust.

About "No Asylum - The Untold Chapter of Anne Frank's Story" (2015)

No Asylum, the Paradise Filmworks International feature-length documentary, brings Otto Frank’s voice to light through his recently discovered letters, which reveal for the first time, the emotional tale of how the world turned its back on the Frank family as he desperately tried to obtain visas to save his family from the Holocaust. Starring: Leonard Berney, Jonathan Brent Ph.D., Richard Breitman, Ph.D., Meta Doran, Buddy Elias, Estelle Guzik, Lydia Lebovich, and Eva Schloss (Anne Frank's stepsister).

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15 April 2019

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